You are unique.  
Your approach to health should be too.

Life's music is all around us, a magnificent symphony waiting to be discovered!

"Inspiring and empowering the next generation to connect with

their own unique physical health, passion, and purpose." 

Meet Tamara Ringas

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I became interested in Integrative Nutrition along my own journey to wellness for myself and my family.  Seeing those I love suffer from many different health issues has made me passionate about discovering the root cause.  It has been through my studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, thoughtful research, and observation with diet, exercise, relationships, and spirituality that I desire to extend a hand to others.  As a professional classical violinist and teacher, the beauty of my music is dependent on the natural intertwining of my body, mind, and spirit. Using my unique analytical and relational abilities as a musician, a teacher, and a mother of four grown children, I am passionate about developing a personalized and nuanced approach to each individual's health and wellness.  I am currently expanding my knowledge base through a functional medicine doctorate. 


Why Integrative Nutrition?

Integrative Nutrition is about the health of the whole person based on one's own unique needs.  We were created to experience joy, peace, and health.  We were born to have meaningful and loving relationships. We were meant to imagine and foster beauty.  With all of life's complexities, it is very easy to lose our way; to get out of balance; in musical terms, to be out of tune. We are bombarded everyday by things that are toxic to our body, mind, and spirit.  Navigating day to day by integrating nutritional knowledge and life balance skills that fits your unique body and personality is the secret to physical and emotional health. Everyday is an exciting opportunity to discover true health and who you were really meant to be!

Let's travel together and unlock your hidden vitality....


Digestive health is key to the health of the overall body. Even the best diet without proper digestion is ineffective.  We will unravel this important topic.

Diet & Detoxification

What we take into our bodies through our food and environment has significant health implications.  No two people have the same dietary needs.  We will sift through the myriad of dietary theories and discover what works best for your body.

Fatigue & Pain

Fatigue & Pain can be caused by inappropriate diet, poor sleep, stress, and other factors.  We will work together to create strategies to bring you back to energy and vitality.

Hormone Health

Hormones are messengers that coordinate and control various body systems.  Optimal health for men and women requires them to be finely tuned and balanced.  Women's hormones are very sensitive to their environment.  We will develop a plan of action to address imbalances. 

Weight Loss

Everyone wants their body to look the best that it can.  We will work toward understanding what is your optimal weight as well as developing a healthy appreciation of your unique body.

Stress Management

Stress can come in many forms and from many places.  We will discover the sources of your stress and find workable solutions for living in this complex and fast-paced world.


Your journey has only just begun!


"I was very concerned about anxiety and depression.  Tamara took the time to help me shift my nutritional and lifestyle habits which has led me to feel so much happier and healthier.  Thank you so much!"

— Monique Hale


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